Day 3: First EVA!


What an absolutely fabulous day for our astronauts! The crew can't get enough of coconut, apple oatmeal! So ono (delicious) good! Commander-in-Training Rajkakati surprised the entire  crew with a gorgeous drawing or a lady astronaut. What a talented lady that Commander-in  Training.

Our astronauts were finally able to stretch their legs and embark on their very first EVA. There  were two EVAs, the morning and the afternoon teams. There was definitely a learning curve  when it came to getting ready, like putting on equipment and astronaut gear. They finally got it  together and off they went. The morning crew set off to assemble the PISCES rover "Helelani"  network antenna so she could be deployed for future missions. They needed to set up an  antenna on a ridge near the habitat. There was much confusion, when doing this. For some  reason Officer Edison thought it would be a good idea to test the solitaire teams by making  them set up an extremely long cable around the habitat then pull it up the ridge just to find out  it DEFINITLY was not needed. Oops. No harm though the team learned a lot, including that  Officer Edison is clearly not an engineer. After a few trials and many errors, the team was able  to connect the antenna! Amazingly Officer Edison and Chief Scientist Heemskerk were able to  make a Helelani drive! Good work team.

Once the morning crew came back to the habitat they were treated to savory pancakes and a  fabulous curry made by Commander-in-Training Rajkakati (seriously talented lady). Chief  Scientist Heemskerk provided pancake crumbs for extra pizza and after lunch they were all  treated to sweet pancakes for dessert. 

The second team EVA was in the afternoon and their adventure was extremely exciting. The  team trekked all the way to what they have doubled as the "water fall of death"! It is a black  lava flow that has poured into a rather large depression. Chief Scientist Heemskerk was testing  a magnetometer, a nifty instrument that tests the magnetic fields of the "moon". After  spending some time doing the afternoon team came back to the habitat to test out a small drone. Although it sounds like swarming bee's we can assure you it was a drone, as bee's cannot survive on the moon.

All teams are safely back in the habitat and are looking forward to a stir fry dinner and hopefully  a fun night or laughter. They have after all been working non-stop since they arrived.

Science and Communications Officer K. Edison

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